About Glenn

So, let’s answer the question you’ve all been burning to ask: Who is Glenn Parker?

Well, to start off, I’m not going to go back to the day I was born, sorry! I know, you’re disappointed, and you’re right to be, I don’t blame you – they were some of my finest years. But, if I take you through my entire autobiography, you would be here for a while and you might get bored and might go back to your online shopping or go and finish your to do list. So, let’s go back 20 years instead.

Myself, almost 20 years back........I wish!

I am originally from Zimbabwe where I had a very fortunate up-bringing living on a farm in the middle of nowhere with the African bush right on my door step. If I was not at boarding school, I would be at home on the farm, or in the bush where I spent a lot of my time exploring or bringing home new and interesting pets (such as snakes, scorpions, bats, jackals and the list went on). Most Mothers would freak out, but thank God, my Mother was accepting of my interest in nature, and it was also a deterrent to keep her out of my room. (Glenn wins this round, Mum!)

When I left school, I was pretty much set on becoming a photographic game guide as my soul had somewhat bonded with the African landscape and because of my love for the wildlife. Whilst I was doing my studies, I got a job on a game ranch where I lived in a 6x6ft tent along the Save River in the South East of the country. I lived there with no Television, radio, or electricity, and just a wood burning stove to cook my evening meals on, my .410 shotgun to protect myself (not that it would), and my trusty Jack Russell – “Dusty”. I worked with a labour force building a 20mile road through raw bush. I learnt a lot during those 6 months working with my crew, and especially whilst eating with them. We enjoyed many an interesting meal, the kind of meals that even Bear Grylls would have a tough time swallowing. But, if you want the locals to respect you, you must do as they do, and learn their language (even if it’s just a couple of childish swear words to get started).

Zimbabwe soon went into dark times with land grabs and farm killings becoming the norm. My dream of pursuing a life as a game guide unfortunately ended abruptly. So, with all my savings, I bought a plane ticket and flew to the UK. “What do I do with my life now”? I wondered as I landed. I should probably have thought of that before making the trip, but where’s your sense of adventure?!

“I know, lets join the army to following the footsteps of my Great Grandfather, Grandfather and Father?” Is what I said to myself when I had time to ponder my options.

So, that’s’ what I did…

Some months later, I graduated as top recruit in the Corp of Royal Engineers. I was only going to do the minimum time in Her Majesty’s Forces and possibly head back to Zimbabwe if the troubles back home ceased. However, that never came to light, and I ended up serving for 9 years before deciding that I had done my time. I wanted to have time for a family and to pursue a new challenge.

At this point, most of my family and friends had left Zimbabwe to pursue their lives in other parts of the world. One could say that they totally copied me. I’m not saying that, of course, but one could, if one wanted to. But this did leave me with no ties to Zimbabwe. So, I decided to stay in the UK and make it my home. I still didn’t have a clue what I really wanted to do with my life. I had done a resettlement course through the Army and got my MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) and got an NVQ level 3 in Passive Optical networks (or, PON for short). With those qualifications in my back-pocket, I was still pretty much clueless to what I really wanted to do. I eventually somehow fell into the Audio-Visual industry and had to learn a whole new set of skills in a very short time.

10 years on and now 40yrs old, I still had no clue what I really wanted to do with my life. Where were those “Career Advisors” that they give you in school now, telling me all the stupid jobs they thought I should do, so that I could decide to completely go against their suggestions and then find my true purpose in life?!

Something deep in my subconscious was telling me to stop trading my time for money, that I needed to stop doing things that had no fulfilment in my life.

My job was good, and the people were nice, but I was tired of living ground hog day in the corporate world. Getting up early to commute on the mad and busy motorway just to get to work, and by the time you get there, be in a mood because the stress of the drive, and then enjoy a day of company politics, hitting unrealistic time scales, clashing with different personalities, brown nosing, and as you know the list goes on (and on and on and on). Then, when you are finally done for the day, it’s time to drive back home again with all the other thousands of people stuck in the same rat race as you. Then you finally get home. And you try to relax with the family for a few hours…well, good luck with that, buster!

When the weekend does finally arrive, you try to relax, but work is still nesting in the back of your mind with a little voice reminding you that Monday is nearly here you’ll have to repeat it all again…and, for what? To trade your time for some money that keeps you above the bread line so that you can end up with a small pension when you hit 65, just in time for you to look back at your life with regret, wishing for things that you should have, would have and could have done.

Here is an interesting fact…. In the last 10yrs I have spent roughly 1240 days which is just over 3 1/4yrs with my family – that’s most weekends and holidays, and the remaining time of 2410 days (or just over 6 3/4years) at work.

I don’t mean to brag about it, but perhaps you should add up how much time you have spent with loved ones in the last decade and decide if you want to make a change for the better.

Don’t live your life in regret, take control and live your life the way you should, and the way you want to, on your terms. Don’t let society dictate how you live.

I needed to find my own path in this life, so that I could live it with no regret. I wanted to be my own boss, have fulfilment, and give back. I began by looking to re-trade, and researching how to start my own business, but there were so many avenues to go down and the amount of money you require just to get set up made me wonder if it would be worth it in the end.

I stumbled onto SFM and saw that they were discussing how to start your own online business so that you can earn whilst you learn.

Now, I’m a very sceptical person by nature, but for some unknown reason I signed up for their free 7-day video series to see what it was all about. After the 3rdor 4thvideo, I began to warm up to their possible business model, and by the 7thvideo I was hooked! Then it was time to convince my wife, who is way more sceptical than anybody I know, and her first words to me were: “IT’S A SCAM, A GET RICH QUICK”. I somehow managed to convince her to watch the first few videos, and, by the end she looked at me and said, “What are we waiting for? Let’s do this!”

I just want to clarify that this is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It will require dedication, time, patience, hard work and some investment. The more you put into this, the more you will get out, and you will be so surprised by how much help you get along the way in terms of education, motivation, gratitude, and direction to succeed.

We live in the dawn of the digital age, and we have so much opportunity to become who we want to be and live our life to its fullest. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t deny yourself the life that you want. Get out there and live your dreams.